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On the initiative of the already existing Viennese “Festival of Festivals”, in 1989 the Filmservice International organizers decided to form the most prestigious tourism film festival circuit: CIFFT, which stands for: Comité International des Festivals du Film Touristique.

CIFFT is a festival committee, with currently 15 tourism film festival members around the globe. The purpose is to maintain and encourage the consciousness of audio-visual work in the international tourism industry. Each of the 15 festivals holds its own international jury and independently awards the films entered into the competition. Counting the awards throughout the year, the overall winner is determined by a point system at the end of the year. At the “Festival of Festivals” held in Vienna, the winner gains the Grand Prix CIFFT for the world-wide best tourism film of the year. The runner-ups obtain a Nominee for the Grand Prix CIFFT as a sign of recognition.