KR Alexander V. Kammel

  • Connector.

    Date and Place of Birth

    11/05/1960, Vienna

  • Connector.



  • Connector.



  • Österreichisches Filmservice, 1040 Vienna, Austria as Manager and Co-Owner
  • Editor in Chief of „Film+Video“ quarterly magazine
  • Co-founder of Filmservice International
  • Manager of DFS Filmservice, Germany
  • Co-Founder of DFS Filmservice in Munich, Germany
  • Österreichisches Filmservice, 1040 Vienna, Austria as Assistant Manager
  • WESTFILM Film & Videoproduktion, 1040 Vienna, Austria as Assistant Producer
  • President of Filmservice International, an international network of informational film distributors in Europe and USA.
  • Festival Director of the world’s largest automotive film and multimedia Festival, „AutoVision“ that takes place every two years on the occasion of the International Automobile Show (IAA) in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
  • Festival Director of „Grand Prix Victoria“ – the biggest informational film festival in the German speaking countries, taking place every two years in Vienna, Austria.
  • Director of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) which includes the most important tourism film festivals around the world (Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, Karlovy Vary, Cannes, Baku, …).
  • Festival Director of the „Festival of Festivals“ which awards the Grand Prix CIFFT for the world-best tourism film in Vienna.
  • Festival Director of the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award in Cannes, France, largest Festival for corporate films worldwide.
  • Organizer of the Austrian „Staatspreis Wirtschaftsfilm“ the State Award for Corporate Films, held every two years on the initiative of the Austrian Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy.
  • Jury member in Karlovy Vary, Biarritz, Deauville, Poitiers, Tarbes, Le Creusot, Targoviste, Los Angeles, Zlatibor, Bratislava, Veliky Novgorod, New York, Florianopolis (Brazil), Baku, Austria 9 Shorts and many more.
  • Voted as the vice-spokesperson of the Austrian film producers for informational and documentary films within the professional association of film and music producers at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.
  • Honorary President of the Polish Tourfilm Academy (Warsaw, Poland).
  • President of the Österreichisches Filmarchiv für audiovisuelle Medien aus Wirtschaft, Bildung und Kultur (Austrian Filmarchives for corporate, educational and cultural audiovisual media) .
  • Senior Advisor to the US. International Film & Video Festival, Los Angeles.
  • Former judge at the higher regional court of appeals.
  • Judge at the Austrian labor court.
  • IQ International Quorum of motion picture producers
  • IAA International Advertising Association
  • PRVA Austrian Public Relation Association